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A historic setting for Luz's
largest sea view terrace

Perched above the clifftop with spectacular views to the rugged coastline, the Fortaleza is housed within the beautifully manicured private gardens of an old fortress opposite the village church - it is the perfect setting to relax and enjoy a good meal.

Opening times: Lunch 12.30 - 2.30pm Dinner 6.30 - 8.30pm

In the winter season we close on Monday and Tuesday

Now closed for staff holidays until 15 December...



Decorative Ornaments

Christmas Day
at Fortaleza

We started the year apart, now we're wrapping it up together


The Christmas we've all been pining for is nearly upon us and we are counting down the days to quite possibly the best festive season yet. 

Our chefs have been busy working on a whole new menu to make this year special for you.


Keep it classic with our Christmas turkey or go more local with Monkfish medallions wrapped in bacon which ever we choose we recommend be sure to try our traditional Christmas log cake.

Gold and White Balloons

Join the Legendary NewYear's Eve party at Fortaleza

Fortaleza's New Year's Eve parties are famously

fun events.


We can guarantee fine food, dancing and lots of streamers and ballons at midnight. 


Fortaleza welcomes Chef Ussef Bling

Meet the restaurant's talented Executive Chef


Born in France, son of a butcher, Chef Bling started working in restaurants at a very young age. Spotted for his talent he was offered a scholarship to study at the reputed Lausanne Hotel School. After graduating he started working with the prestigious Chef Alain Ducasse in a 3 Michelin star restaurant in the heart of Paris.


Since then, he has enriched his experiences travelling the world. From traditional brasserie style restaurants to high end gastronomic eateries he has learnt to reinvent the classics of the country he visits.


For 2021 he has reinvented Fortaleza's menu and promises to titulate your palate with a selection of Mediterranean flavours as well as use his Gallic talent to conjure up modern interpretations of our Portuguese favourites.


He insists that everything in his kitchen is freshly made on the premises using local ingredients. He is also keen to highlight seasonal produce that comes from our own farm just a few miles away. 


Don't hesitate to make a reservation


From Farm to Table

Guaranteed every day freshness

With over 300 days a year of sun and fertile soil vegetables grow extremely well in this part of the world.


Our farm just a few kilometres away is a living inspiration for the creation of our dishes offering unique taste and creating lasting memories.



 This regional dish regional dish is one of our specialities. It is the iconic fish and shell fish stew typical to the Algarve region and is surely one of Portugal's tastiest dishes. It has roots that hark back to the days the moors ruled this land in the 11th century. 

What makes this dish so special is that it is cooked in a clam- shaped copper dish which concentrates theflavours during cooking.


There are 4 exciting recipes to choose from:

Fresh cod and prawn 

Chicken and olive with lemon

Meat with potatoes and prunes