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The restaurant is now closed for refurbishment works.

We look forward to welcoming you back in February when the restaurant opens with our new menu!

Sax Player

Live music comes back to Fortaleza early 2023..


From Farm to Table

Guaranteed every day freshness

With over 300 days a year of sun and fertile soil vegetables grow extremely well in this part of the world.


Our farm just a few kilometres away is a living inspiration for the creation of our dishes offering unique taste and creating lasting memories.



 This regional dish regional dish is one of our specialities. It is the iconic fish and shell fish stew typical to the Algarve region and is surely one of Portugal's tastiest dishes. It has roots that hark back to the days the moors ruled this land in the 11th century. 

What makes this dish so special is that it is cooked in a clam- shaped copper dish which concentrates theflavours during cooking.


There are 2 exciting recipes to choose from:

Fresh cod and prawn 


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