Discovering historic Luz.
The Fortress, just opposite the church in Luz, is a significant piece of local history.
Built in 1670 the Fortress would originally have had a battery of 5 canons pointing out to sea and was constructed to protect the church and the villagers from marauding pirates and Moors. These relentlessly attacked coastal villages of the Algarve looting and often capturing the local folk and turning them into slaves. An original stone plaque in Latin above the main door explains this in detail.
After having had extensive military use the Fort fell into disuse and it was auctioned off by the Government in 1894. It was purchased by Sr. Marreiros Neto, a dignitary from Lagos who had fallen in love with the building whilst carrying out the restoration of the church opposite. He turned the upstairs of the Fortress into a private residence. He would often travel up from Lagos to Luz for relaxing weekends on horseback and use the downstairs which is today the famous Fortaleza restaurant as stables.
Now fully restored with its candle lit vaulted interior and set in beautiful landscaped gardens when holidaying in Luz a visit to the historic Fortress is a must.